The Golden Ball Real Cyder & Perry Festival


Our Story

Behold, this is ‘The Golden Ball Festival’ a celebration of our indigenous artisan cyders and perrys of England.

Join us for a festival that is merrier than a nightingale. The Ciderland of yester year now revamped and clothed in cloth of gold, the noblest drink that can inspire to old merry England herself. Set sail on a journey, through the most mysterious depths of the English countryside. Where your imagination may roam, free as a blackbird and your heart may chime joyfully in tune. Cyder here, cyder everywhere, this is the place to set your spirit free. Embrace the moment and take up the call to rediscover the pleasures of being as English as Shakespeare.

Come gather round with friends old and new, and explore the heart and soul of ‘this England’. Where lurk not only fiery dragons, but a hearty inner joy that knows full well that what is made is real and true and what is drunk, is a pleasure just for you.

The English air is for everyone, as are her flowers, her rivers, her sights and sounds, and everyone will come to know that there is a corner of this restless world “that is forever England”.

The Golden Ball is not just a cyder and perry festival within rural England; it is a door to another merry world.


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