The Golden Ball Real Cyder & Perry Festival


Fun & Frolics

Enjoy the golden blessings of a summer’s day.

Believe me my dear friends, there is nothing, absolute nothing, half so much worth doing as simply enjoying and sharing true craft cyder amongst the company of family and friends. Nothing else seems really to matter, and that is the charm of it. One of the most noteworthy delights of visiting cyder farms is the journey on which you find them – often requiring a lively and alluring drive down narrow, rural lanes through ancient landscapes or crop, crow, and craft.

We have foraged an abundance of cyder and perry for you to try from our proudest artisan producers. But that is just the beginning of this journey of pleasant, refreshing discovery.

Feast until you fatten on fine, hearty fare supplied by our local hardworking farms and farmers’ wives. Absorb the culture of cyder and the apple itself, in the ways of the west country. Enchant and engross yourselves in the subtle pleasures of simple storytelling – tantalising tales, inquisitiveness and questioning, all over a notably memorable flagon of our country’s very finest apple or pear gold.

Relax and recount past tales of wonder and woe by the enchanting licks of a traditional bonfire. Laugh, joke, and dream in the company of good people and fine friends, under the shade of a great oak tree. Explore the rich, blessed landscape of our simply serene English countryside. Flagon-in-hand, and not a care in the world.

Enjoy the golden blessing of the summer’s day, and the mystic descent of a beautiful night. Gaze upon shooting stars, recline into our Earth’s rich, green grass. Dance merrily in the throws of careless glee under the mystique of cloud and moon, with a loved one or friends, to the pleasant sound of native folk music and song.

For now is your time to relax, forget the daily throws of life itself, and remember the simple pleasures. Raise your glass, our friends, thus, today is your day, tonight is our night.

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